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Allied MISSION #1 - Time Lapse
Basically, in mission #1 you have to take control of four Civilian Power Plants so the 'Time Machine' can be activated, and then you have to destroy the Psychic Dominator with Tanya. But here's a way to activate the time machine with just one Civilian power plant and take out the Psychic Dominator without Tanya! And it can all be accomplished in under 10 minutes.

As soon as you gain control of the game, build five IFVs right away. Send them west of your base next to your four Grande Cannons. Now, click on your sell button and sell off the Grande Cannons, the Ore Purifier, and your Spy Satellite. Now you only need to capture one Power Plant to activate the Time Machine because by selling all that stuff you have tons more power on-hand! Now quickly take one of your Mirage tanks, and the IFV with an Engineer in it and move to the east where there are two Civilian Power Plants. Use your Mirage Tank to take out the Initiates patroling this area. Send the Engineer into one of the Power Plants. The Time Machine will now activate.

When you go back in time, you get back all the structures [Grande Cannons, etc.] you sold off earlier because you originally sold them in the future, so technically you never sold them! You should still have four IFVs left over. They will take care of the Kirov and the missiles from the Dreadnoughts. The Grande Cannons will take out the Dreadnoughts, and your other units on the east side of your base will take care of attacking enemy units there.

Here's the really cool part! Tanya will come out of the Time Machine. When she does, have one of your dogs nearby KILL HER. You'll have to force fire on her. Don't worry. She can come back in future missions, plus you'll get to see her being carried away on a stretcher. So it's worth it...hehe. Your reward for 'wounding' Tanya is six Aircraft Carriers. When you get them puppies, just launch all its aircraft on the Psychic Dominator. GAME OVER BABY!

Allied MISSION #2 - Hollywood and Vain
This mission finds you in Los Angeles. Yuri has mind controlled the people of Los Angeles, and he's slaughtering innocent civilians by sending them into his Grinders. You must stop Yuri by destroying all of the Grinders. After that is accomplished, take out all of Yuri's structures to win this mission.
You'll start the game with some GIs, Guardian GIs, and your MCV. As soon as you gain control of the game, start building up your base with defenses, and garrison all of the surrounding buildings with GIs. Get as many GIs in them as you can. This will hold off Yuri's attacks that will be coming your way soon. Make sure to build a Battlelab while your building your base. You'll need the high tech stuff. Also, build some attack dogs and place them around your base's outer perimeter to guard against Yuri Clones. They cannot mind control dogs, so dogs are great for this task! They are cheap to build...so keep plenty around. SEALs are also nice to have around for taking out enemy infantry. Once you have your base defenses up and running, and a nice money flow coming in, build two air force command centers and eight Harrier jets. They will come in handy with this mission and make your job much easier. Also, to the north of your base you'll find a civilian movie actor [action hero] called Flint Westwood. He's great for taking out Initiates! Go get him and bring him to your base. There are two other civilians movie actors [action heroes] that you can use to help out the cause. You'll find them near Yuri's Grinders. What's nice is they are immune from Yuri's mind-control.
Special Note: There is an airport [LAX] you can capture that will give you paratroopers. Capture this early in the game {after you have your base defenses secured]. There are two gem fields near the airport, so after you capture it and protect it, build a refinery to mine the ore fields for extra cash. You'll also find some Oil Derricks to capture for extra cash on the map north east of your base.
To prepare for your attacks on Yuri's Grinders, make up a mixed force of Prism Tanks, Mirage Tanks, Grizzly Tanks, and a few IFVs with Engineers. Use the IFVs to repair your tanks until you capture the Machine Shop to the north. The Grinder east of your base is the easiest to take out, so start with that one. Also make sure to take out all garrisoned building in the area. Air strikes with your harriers you built are great for this task, then just mop up the infantry with your other units [Prism tanks or whatever]. Go ahead and take out the remaining three Grinders using teams of Prisms and Mirage Tanks, etc. Use your Harriers to assist you with air strikes. Some of these Grinder positions are well defended with Gattling Towers, patrolling enemy units, etc. So it's not a cake walk. Don't forget to use your GIs to garrison buildings near the Grinder positions before you start attacking them. They are great help to you. If you captured the LAX airport, then those paratroopers will come in real handy about now. Also want to note that you'll get money crates after taking out each Grinder.
Also want to note: Up north of your base you'll find a Machine Shop. Capture this with an engineer. All of your vehicles will self-repair when you have this structure in your possession. This will come in handy when you go for Yuri's main base.
Time to take out Yuri's base. His base is spread out across the North section of the map. Since you've taken out much of his income by destroying his Grinders, he is crippled somewhat. Hopefully some of your units have gained veteran status. If they have, taking out Yuri's base will be much easier. Start with the small base to your left first, taking out all structures and units you see. Use your Prism tanks to take out the Gattling Cannons outside their range. Then move in to take out everything else. Do the same with the larger base. Once you've taken out the bulk of his structures, Yuri will eventually give up and sell his remaining buildings, etc.
GAME OVER...mission accomplished!

Allied MISSION #3 - Power Play
In mission #3 we find ourselves in Seattle, Washington. Yuri has taken over the campus of Massivesoft and the city of Seattle. He's holding the CEO of Massivesoft hostage! Yuri has a Nuclear Silo, and the Allies have a Weather Control Device. You must destroy Yuri's Nuke and save the Massivesoft Campus.
When the mission start, you'll find you don't have the ability to build structures, so you'll have to use what you have. Move some GI's to the north and capture the Space Needle [structure]. This will reveal the entire map to you. As soon as your Weather Control Device is activated, use it on Yuri's Bio Reactors in his base. This won't stop the countdown of Yuri's Nuke, but it will dramatically damage his power output. Yuri will launch his missile quickly. Seconds before the countdown ends, sell your War Factory and Power Plants...you would lose them all anyways, so you might as well get the extra cash now.
Move up north and take out any units you encounter. Use your snipers for taking out infantry. They have a long firing range and are best suited for this. Your goal is to get one of the Civilian power plants. When you do this you will stop the countdown of Yuri's nuke so no more can be fired at you. Garrison buildings with GIs as you advance to aid in taking out Yuri's forces. Move your tanks along with them. Don't worry about your base...you'll be getting reinforcements for that. Just make sure you have at least a sniper or two and a Mirage tank to take care of enemy infantry attempting to take over your base.
NOTE: There is a machine shop you can capture to the east of your base that will keep your vehicles repaired once captured, and Oil Derricks southwest of your base.
After you take over the Civilian power plant, Yuri's forces will try and take it back. Use your tanks to protect your snipers from Yuri's tanks while they take out Yuri's infantry forces. Don't forget to use garrisoned GIs for reinforcing surrounding buildings. This is very important. Your Weather Control Device comes back online once you capture the power plant. Use it to wipe out Yuri's forces at the Massivesoft Campus. Send in tanks or whatever and clean up the remaining forces. You will be rewarded with cash [money crates] by the CEO of Massivesoft for saving him.
The only thing left to do is take out Yuri's Nuke silo. Head up the left side of the map towards Yuri's base with a sniper or two and some tanks. Enter via the side entrance to the base. Use the snipers to take out Yuri Clones, etc., and use your tanks to destroy the Nuke silo...
Mission Accomplished!

Allied MISSION #4 - Tomb Raided
This next mission takes you to Egypt! There are several ways to accomplish this mission, but the way described below is the quickest and most interesting way to reach your goal. And that is to first destroy the Bio Reactors around the Great Pyramid and to destroy Yuri's Base.
Build up your base as you normally would, including plenty of base defense structures which should include Pill Boxes, etc.
Once you are satisfied that you have adequate base defenses, go ahead and select Tanya, then move her across the river. The small section of shroud revealed when Tanya appears will show a single barrel on the outside of the wall. Have Tanya shoot the barrel. It will then explode, taking part of the wall with it. Go ahead and move Tanya inside the base and destroy everything except the Psychic Dominator. Tanya is not in danger of being killed by the Gattling Cannons because they are on the outside of the wall, so don't worry about them. Once you destroy all of the power inside this base, Einstein is rescued. He then tells you that he sabotaged the Psychic Dominator. You get to use it one time before it self-destructs. Use it on the center group of nine units in Yuri's main base. You get the use of all nine of them, plus they are immune to Yuri's Psychic Towers!
Now select these units right away and target the Construction Yard in the base. With the CY destroyed, Yuri will not be able to replace any other structures lost. Now use the Lashers and Gattling Tanks to destroy all of the Bio Reactors and base defenses. If these nine units are not enough to destroy the entire base, then send over some Robot Tanks to finish up. When all units and structures are destroyed, the mission ends.
Mission Accomplished!

Allied MISSION #5 - Clones Down Under
You find yourself in Sydney, Australia in this mission. Yuri is planning to Clone world leaders. He must be stopped! Your mission objectives are to first destroy the Yuri Cloning Vats, and then destroy all of Yuri's remaining forces.
This mission will prove to be somewhat difficult in that you don't have an over abundance of means to make money. As soon as you can, build some base defenses using Pill Boxes and Prism Towers, start building Destroyers to take care of Boomer subs that will be attacking you from the north, and build a War Factory. Also, start making GIs. Garrison the buildings near your base with GIs.
NOTE: Garrisoning buildings around your base is very important in this mission because Yuri will be attacking your base from all directions. Also garrison the Opera House north of your base. Make sure to crank out plenty of GIs. Your object is to garrison as many building as you make advances toward the enemy in the south. You don't have to fill each one up full...you can do that later if money and time permit. Just garrison what you can. The main reason for doing this is because you will find out that Yuri is doing the same thing. The trick is to beat him to it! So keep cranking out the GIs throughout the mission. You'll need them.
Use your Destroyers and Dolphins to take out the Boomer subs. You get help in this mission from the Koreans. A squadron of Black Eagles will fly in from the north and take out Yuri's sub pens. Now there is no more threat from Yuri's Navy.
Continue to build up your base. You'll need a spy satellite, air force command center, and a battle lab, among other things. Since your money flow will not be fast, it will take some time to build up what you need. But be patient.
Take a group of 10 GIs and an Engineer east from the northern part of your base. Follow the coastline, avoiding any of the buildings Yuri has garrisoned along the way. You'll come to a large Ore field. You'll also find a machine shop and a building to garrison there. Capture the machine shop with your Engineer, garrison the building, and place a refinery next to the machine shop so you can mine the ore field.
Continue moving your main troops south [GIs, tanks, etc,]. You'll find a Hospital and Airport to capture using your Engineers. Garrison the buildings around these structures to protect them. Now you can see why you have been making so many GIs. Build several groups of Prism Tanks and use them to take out buildings garrisoned by Yuri's troops. Keep building Prism tanks to replace those you will lose in battle. You can use your Destroyers to take out the Psychic Tower and the Gattling Cannons located on the long pier.
Just keep building Prism Tanks and destroy everything in sight. When all units, etc. are destroy...you win!
Mission Accomplished!

Allied MISSION #6 - Trick or Treaty
Since Yuri failed to clone the world leaders in the last mission, he now has plans to capture the REAL ones this time. This mission is set in London, England. And specifically the House of Parliament. Allied leaders are meeting with the Soviets to ratify a treaty. Yuri, through his Psychic powers, has learned of this meeting through Lieutenant Eva. You must defend Parliament and the world leaders from attack and then destroy all Yuri forces. Good luck Commander!
Start base productions and crank out GIs. Garrison Big Ben and any other building you can. Where there are no building to garrison, place plenty of base defenses in those areas along with Guardian GIs. Use Pill boxes, Prism Towers, and Patriot Missile sites. You have 20 minutes until Yuri's forces will arrive, so never stop building your base. Make sure to build a Robot Center and mass produce Robot tanks. Robot tanks are good because they are immune to Yuri's Psychic powers. Also build Prism and Mirage tanks. Make sure to build some IFVs to shoot down Yuri Flying Disks that will be coming your way! These along with Patriot Missile sites should be able to handle them.
Build a Naval Yard and crank out a few Destroyers. You'll need them later in the mission.
NOTE: All of the bridges in this mission are indestructible, so don't bother trying to destroy them.
Tip: In the north you'll find a Machine Shop and Hospital. Take Engineers and GIs with you. Capture those buildings and garrison buildings nearby with GIs to protect them.
Once Yuri starts his attack, you'll need to pay attention to the buildings you have garrisoned. Keep a group of Grizzly tanks and IFVs handy for a reinforcement group in case you need them for any hot spots during the attack. After the attacks start to die off, you will be alerted that the Soviets has signed a treaty, and you will be getting Navy reinforcements from them. These can be used to stop Yuri's Boomer subs.
Yuri's main base is in the northeastern part of the map. It is well protected with mind control devices. Mass produce Robot and Prism tanks for your main battle force. Also use the Soviet navy and your Destroyers to take out Yuri's sub pen and any remaining Boomer subs. Destroy all of Yuri's forces.
Mission Accomplished!

Allied MISSION #7 - Brain Dead
The final Allied mission is in the cold, frigid region of the Antarctica. Yuri's forces have been destroyed in Europe. Yuri has gone into hiding. Lieutenant Eva informs you of his location. Your objectives for this final mission and victory are to build a Soviet Radar, destroy the Psychic Dominator, and finally destroy all Yuri forces!
This will be your toughest mission to win. Yuri has a huge base, and it won't be easy to defeat him. He knows this is his last stand, so you will be getting his best! So don't be in any hurry with this mission. Protect your base and build up till you have adequate forces to defeat Yuri.
When the mission first starts, you will be getting a paradrop of five Engineers who parachute into an old Soviet base. Send one of them into the damaged Tesla Reactor and another into the Construction Yard. Use the other three engies to repair the two tents west of the base, and the last Engineer to repair the communications center northeast. Build a barracks, Ore Refinery, and War Factory right away. Garrison the tents with Conscripts. Get your base defenses built up. Include some Battle Bunkers and Flak Tracks, etc. The idea is to build an impenetrable base.
NOTE: There's not a lot of room to build in this old Soviet base, so be careful you don't block in your Refinery, Barracks, etc.
TIP: You'll find a Machine Shop to the west, and an Oil Derrick north of your base. It would be a good idea to capture these. Place a Battle Bunker and Flak Cannon near each one for protection. The Machine Shop will keep your vehicles in repair, and the Oil Derrick will give you added income, so both are worth protecting!
Make sure to explore the area around your base. Southeast of your base is a good spot to build a Naval Yard. Go ahead and build one and make a force of Typhoon Subs. Also build one Transport. Now move the transport to your base, load up five Conscripts, one Engineer, and one War Miner. Now take the transport to the east, and then towards the northeastern part of the map. Go ahead and pre-build a Refinery and a Battle Bunker. Don't place them yet. You'll find a small island in the northeast near the corner. Unload your man from the Transport. You'll find an Oil Derrick and a large ore field on this island. Have your Engineer capture the Oil Derrick, place the Refinery and Battle Bunker you have built, and garrison the bunker with your Conscripts you brought along. Go ahead and build two Flak Cannons to protect this island. Now you should be all set for a good money flow.
When your defenses are in place and you 100% positive you can defend your base, go ahead and build a RADAR. When you deploy your Radar, this will trigger Yuri to start his attack, so make sure your ready! It also triggers a reinforcement of an MCV to be sent via Chronosphere to the south.
Deploy your new MCV and build up your base as fast as you can. Add plenty of air defenses and Battle Bunkers, and the standard base defenses. Don't ever stop building. You'll need a huge army. Load up your bunkers and get ready for battle! Make sure you build Super Weapons. You'll need them. Get both a Nuke and a Weather Control.
Tip: Make some Mirage tanks and place them along the routes Yuri will use to attack your southern base of operations. Also place a few in the ore fields in the south.
You should have plenty of income for your final buildup and assault on Yuri. Now mass produce tons of tanks...Mirage tanks, Prism tanks, etc. The idea is to have enough tanks to overwhelm Yuri. This is the quickest way to victory. Just take your mighty army and destroy everything in site!
Mission Accomplished and the Victory is YOURS! Congrats Commander!


Soviet MISSION #1 - Time Shift
The first Soviet mission takes place in San Francisco, California. Your mission objectives are to destroy the Allied Navy and Grand Cannons, capture civilian power plants (4) to power the time machine you have to use to go back in time, then take control of the Soviet base and destroy the Psychic Dominator.
When the mission first starts, the American attack on Alcatraz Island is underway, but the attack is not going very well. While America is preoccupied with fighting Yuri, now's your opportunity to sneak your forces into San Francisco and steal the American Time Machine.
The first thing you'll want to do is destroy the American Navy. Take your two Giant Squids and have each on attack a Destroyer. Have your attack subs attack another one. Use your Dreadnought to take out the Grande Cannons. When you have destroyed everything America has, your Navy will retreat, and some Transports with reinforcements will arrive for you.
Once your troops unload from the Transports put your Engineers onto the Flak Tracks and move everything you have towards the Time Machine [southeast]. Let Boris scout ahead of your main force so he can take out infantry, etc.
When you reach the American base where the Time Machine is at, use Boris to take out any infantry guarding this area. Garrison some Conscripts in a building northwest of the base. Have your Rhino tanks target the pill boxes and have Boris call in air strikes on the pill boxes surrounding the Time Machine. Once you have taken out everything, move on into the base. Use your Engineers to capture the Machine Shop and Repair Bay. About this time you will receive some Engineers via paradrop. Use these to capture the Civilian Power Plants [4]. Use Boris and your Rhino tanks to clear the way so your Engineers can capture the Power Plants. Be on the lookout for Yuri's forces who try to take back the Power Plants from you! If Yuri does take a Power Plant, just steal it back from him.
Once you have four Civilian Power Plants captured, the Time Machine will activate. The Time Machine, for some reason, is over-powered and sends you back in time 65,000,000 years! For a minute or so you must defend yourself against attacks from dinosaurs! [T-Rex]...After about a minute the Time Machine re=activates again and sends you to the correct time.
Your sent back to the center of the Allied base. Use your Engineers to take over the Machine Shop and the Repair Bay again. Since you captured these in the future, you must re-capture them again. Now you must head west with your force towards the old Soviet base. You'll find the base near the western edge of the map, just north of the bottom. Resistance is light around the base. Garrison some Conscripts in the buildings. Use your tanks to take out the Grande Cannons north of your base. Use a Transport and load up Boris in it. Now head to Alcatraz Island, unload Boris, take out the Initiates, then call in an air strike on the Psychic Dominator.
Mission Accomplished!

Soviet MISSION #2 - Deja Vu
This mission takes you to the Black Forests in Germany. This mission was originally the 10th Allied mission in Red Alert2, but now your playing it from the Soviet side! Your objectives are to destroy the outposts guarding the German border and take out Einstein's Laboratory and Chronosphere.
Here's a fast and efficient way to accomplish this mission. No need to build a base! First, ignore the border outposts. Take all of your units and head them west along the maps top edge. Your Rhinos and Flak Tracks can be used to take care of any Allies you may encounter. You'll come to a road leading southwest. Follow it, but keep your units west of this road. There are some Allied Mirage tanks near the maps center area. If you stay west of the road, you will avoid them. Now head to the southwest corner of the map and use your V3 Rocket launchers to take out important structures. Set all of your other units up on the road northeast of the V3s so they can protect them. Now have your V3s target the Patriot Missiles first, [don't worry about the power] and the IFVs. Once these are gone, go ahead and take out Einstein's Laboratory and Chronosphere.
Mission Accomplished!

Soviet MISSION #3 - Brain Wash
Your in London, England for this mission. The Allies have now surrendered and have sided with the Soviets to fight together against Yuri's mighty army. A Psychic Dominator has been discovered in London. Your mission objectives are to destroy the Psychic Beacon, Psychic Dominator, and all Yuri forces.
Mission Tip: Capturing the Allied base gives you a Navy SEAL and Sniper. You'll find them along the map's western edge.
Note: You don't have a big starting force with this mission. There are several ways to win, but I've found this one to be the fastest.
To start with, place Boris on the Transport and send him to the north, landing near the cruise ships. Destroy the Grizzlies and Lasher Tanks, and then head northwest. Have Boris call in an air strike on the Psychic Beacon.
The Allied base comes under control of the Soviets. Tanya will join Boris. What a team! A ten minute timer for the Psychic Dominator will start.
Send Tanya and Boris to Yuri's base. You'll find the base at the northeastern edge of the map. Have Boris circle from the left and target the Bio Reactors. You'll see some Lasher Tanks head your way.. The Lasher Tanks blow a hole in the wall. When this happens, take Boris and Tanya inside [be careful]. Your goal here is to take out as many Bio Reactors as you can.

Once you have cut down the power for the base, have Tanya shoot the barrel outside the Psychic Dominator's wall. Now select Tanya and have her do what she's made for..blow up the Psychic Dominator. Yuri will sell all of his buildings after you do this. Just clean up any remaining troops and the game is over!
Mission Accomplished!

Soviet MISSION #4 - Romanov on the Run
This mission takes place in Morocco. Romanov's plane has been shot down. Your mission objectives are to find Romanov and protect him, destroy Yuri's base near the airport, and take Romanov to the airport once it is secure and safe.
Build you base as usual...create a force large enough to take out Yuri's units patrolling the area around Romanov's location. Attack dogs work best against Yuri clones because they cannot be mind controlled. Build some Flak Tracks to take care of Brutes in the area, plus you'll be using one of these to transport Romanov. Clear everything out. Get Romanov and place him in one of the Flak Tracks. Take him back to your base and leave him in the Flak Track. Once you rescue Romanov, he gives you plans for the Iron Curtain. As soon as you can, build one! You'll also get three Desolators for rescuing Romanov.
NOTE: You should also build a large force of V3 Rocket Launchers and Apoc Tanks. You'll be using these later on in the mission.
Use your new Desolators for guarding your base entrance. [deploy them] They can handle all of the Initiates and Yuri Clones attacking your base. Now make a group of Demolition trucks [7 or 8]. Wait till your Iron Curtain is charged up. When it is, move your Demo trucks to the central town. [don't drive your Demo trucks through the Desolators area!] If you have to, un-deploy your Desolators first. Use your Iron Curtain on them and send em next to the Gattling Cannons and Barracks. Don't worry about the Yuri Clones. They cannot mind control the Demo trucks while they are protected by the Iron Curtain. now here's the cool part. When the Iron Curtain effects wear off, the Gattling guns will fire at your Demo Trucks. This causes a HUGE explosion that should destroy most of this base.
Now take your Desolators near the bridge and deploy them so they can take out any units crossing here to come into your base. Three Desolators should be able to handle anything that comes it's way.
Go ahead and make another large group of Demo Trucks. Now move them toward the bridge. Don't get near the Desolator's area of effect! When the Iron Curtain is charged up again, use it on the Demo Trucks. Drive them across the bridge. Put them next to the Psychic Towers and Gattling Cannons. When the Iron Curtain wears off, you will lose a few trucks to the Psychic Towers, but not all of them. Once one truck blows up, all of them will. Everything will be wiped out in one HUGE explosion!
Go ahead and bring in your V3 Rocket Launchers and Apoc Tanks to take out the rest of Yuri's base. When you have this area cleared and safe, get Romanov, who should still be in the Flak Track, and send him to the airport and take him out.
Mission Accomplished!

Soviet MISSION #5 - Escape Velocity
This mission takes you to the warm waters of the south pacific where Yuri is building a huge fleet of Boomer Subs at his secret base. And guess what? The subs carry ballistic missiles! Your objectives are to destroy Yuri's Sub Pens, and then take out all of his forces in the area.
At the beginning of the mission you are given three choices where to land your troops. The northeastern location is the closest and easiest to get to. A better position to build your base is in the southeast, but you'll have to fight off Yuri subs to get to this position. This landing area has the best access to Yuri's Sub Pens. You have Giant Squids and Attack Subs to help you get to the landing spot. Keep them in front. Regardless of your choice of landing spot, start building up your base as soon as you land.
TIP: Take whatever Oil Derricks you can find so you have the extra income.
Now here's a quick way to win this mission. Build up a massive army of Attack Subs along with some Giant Squids to guard them. Now place Battle Bunkers all around the perimeter of your base and load them up with Conscripts. The idea is to create a gauntlet of defenses so Yuri's forces can't destroy your base. Now that your base is well protected, forget about it and concentrate on your Navy. Send the Giant Squids and Attack Subs down the right side of the map. Loop around the island at the bottom, then head towards where you think Yuri's Sub Pens are located. You'll have to fight off some Boomer Subs along the way. But if you've built a large enough force, you should be ok.
You'll come to the entrance of the lagoon. Stay to the left in this area and stay on the alert for subs! Take out all of the subs you find, then head for the Sub Pen and take it out. After it is destroyed, you'll see a strange building come to life. A huge rocket comes out the top. It's a launching pad for some sort of space vehicle...wonder where it's going? Maybe in the next mission we'll find out!
Mission Accomplished!

Soviet MISSION #6 - To the Moon
This mission find you on the Moon! You have left planet Earth via the Rocket you found in mission #5. Your mission objectives are to find a spot to build your base on the moon, destroy Yuri's Lunar Command Center, then destroy his base.
You start the mission with 70,000 credits. You have no way to mine ore, so you must be careful with how you spend your money. All of your infantry are Cosmonauts. They are like Rocketeers as far as what they are able to do, and they will prove to be very valuable in this mission!
Deploy your MCV close to where it appears. Build a Tesla Reactor, Barracks, and Radar ASAP. Place plenty of air defenses...Flak Cannons, etc. Build lots of Sentry Guns for defense against Yuri vehicles.
When you are satisfied you have good base defenses to ward off both ground and aerial assaults, start cranking out a huge army of Cosmonauts. Your on the moon, so your best bet is to fight from the air. Build as many Cosmonauts as your money will allow. Once you have this done, head for Yuri's bases. He has three...two small ones, and a large base where the Lunar Command Center is located. Concentrate on the smaller bases first, then the large one.
Don't worry about taking out Yuri's defenses at first. You should concentrate on taking out all of the Bio Reactors you can in all of the bases. Once you have eliminated his power source and powered down his defenses, taking out the rest of his army should be a breeze! Take out his War Factory, Barracks, and Cloning Vats first, and then everything else.
Mission Accomplished!

Soviet MISSION #7 - Head Games
With both his terrestrial and lunar forces eliminated, Yuri has retreated to his ancestral home in Transylvania. Yuri must be stopped before he can rebuild his power over the weak-minded! Your mission objective is to destroy Yuri's Castle and all his forces and kill Yuri.
Yuri is using Psychic Beacons to control both an Allied and Soviet base. You'll be fighting against three different types of armies. Go ahead and deploy your MCV and build up your base as you normally would. Make sure to build Battle Bunkers all around your base and fill them with Conscripts. Build both ground and air defenses, and plenty of both. Your going to be attacked from both land and air. Be prepared for anything. If one of your bases defenses gets destroyed, build another. Make sure to keep your base well defended!
NOTE: When you get the Spy Plane, check out the southwest corner and the eastern edge of the map. You'll find some Terrorists and Demo Trucks in the southeast corner. If you move a unit to them, they will be yours to use, plus you'll get to build them when you have the necessary structures.
Tip: One of the keys to victory is taking out Yuri's ability to make an income. Targeting his Grinders is important. You'll find one to your west. Another Grinder is near the Secret Lab. By the way, this Secret lab gives you the ability to build Grande Cannons. If you place one near the Secret Lab, you'll be able to hit targets in the center of the map and destroy some of the units that are being made to attack your base.
In order to get back control of the Allied and Soviet bases Yuri has under mind control, you need to destroy the Psychic Beacons controlling these bases. There are several ways to do this. Here's one way that may save you on losing units. You can build a Nuke and take out the Psychic Beacon controlling the Allied base, and use Siege Choppers to take out the Psychic Beacon Controlling the Soviet base located up the maps right side. Just deploy the Siege Choppers behind the Beacon.
NOTE: When you build and place a Nuke Silo, this triggers Yuri to build his own super weapons. He builds a Nuke Silo in the Soviet base, a Weather Control Device in the Allied base, and a Psychic Dominator and Genetic Mutator in his base. Since you built your Nuke Silo first, you will get to fire first. So target the Psychic Beacon controlling the Allied base. By doing this, you will gain control of the Weather Control Device Yuri placed in there.
TIP: If you use both the Nuke Silo and the Weather Control Device at the same time on Yuri's Construction Yard, it will completely destroy it and stop him from building any further structures. If you can do this before starting your final assault on his forces, do it. It's to your advantage.
Ok, time to end this war! Build up [mass-produce] a huge force of Prism Tanks and mix them with Robot Tanks and V3 Rocket Launchers. Robot Tanks cannot be mind controlled. So these are important to use, and Prism and Rocket Launchers can fire out of the range of mind-control units/structures. Also, keep using your Super Weapons to take out Yuri's Power every chance you get. And if you took out his Construction Yard as suggested to do before starting your assault, then whatever you destroy can't be rebuilt! The idea is to get his Bio Reactors so his defenses are powered down.
After you've eliminated the bulk of his Power, use your forces and concentrate on Yuri's Castle [Fortress], throwing everything you have at it. Don't worry about other structures in the base. Just the Castle.
When Yuri's Castle [Fortress] is nearing destruction, you get word from Zophia that Yuri has found the Time Machine you used in San Francisco in the first mission. He escapes back in time. But all is NOT lost. Zophia has the command codes for the Time Machine. She uses the codes to overload the machine sending Yuri millions of years into the past! Way back to the prehistoric times where he comes face to face with REXY. Yuri's threat of world domination is OVER!
Congrats Comrade Commander...Victory is YOURS!